The project Vis a Vis has the aim to help youth overcome their fears, negative emotions and uncertainty about the future, to create a bright perspective on the evolution of the current situation, making young people understand that the sun shows more power and brightness after a summer storm, which at first threatens to destroy the achievement of the European family and to change the natural course of everyones life. Returning to normal after this avalanche of changes and unexpected events is not an easy one, but together, through activities that unite us around a common ideal, we will be able to create a perspective full of opportunities and positive expectations. Our project is centered around the idea that our mind is a projection of the world around us. Therefore, we are not able to see the world as it is, but in the way my mind designs it to superimpose it on us. Therefore, outlining a perspective that sees the full side of the glass in times of drought is a component that must accompany any person looking for the shortest and safest way to achieve all professional goals and meet personal ambitions.
We are looking for candidates between the age of 18 to 30 years inclusive. You need to have legal residence inone of these partner countries (Italy, Armenia, Lithuania, Romania).
Project offers:
  • Travel  according to the Erasmus + Distance Calculator from your home to Adamastor (up to €530)
  • Health Insurance – CIGNA ( complementary to the European Health Card
  • Cultural and Language Course
  • Accommodation with breakfast included
  • Pocket + Food Allowance ( 2 8 0 € )
  • Tutoring
  • Youth pass Certificate
  • Integration in our team
PROJECT DURATION: 57 days + 2 travel days