Project Venue: Çanakkale, Turkey

Project Dates: March-August

Deadline: 01.02.20


2018 was very important year for Çanakkale, the place where the association is settled in. This year was the 20th year of entrance to the UNESCO list so the Ministry of Culture and Tourism declared 2018 as a”Trojan Year”. The historical past of the city of Troy, one of the most important ancient settlements of the world, located on the top of Hisarlik about 30 kilometers south of Çanakkale stretches back 5 thousand years. Troy was also the origin of the works of Homeros, which is regarded as the founder of European literature. In 1998 Troy entered the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Troy and his famous story are known extensively and touch many of history.
Our project started with a perspective to overcome the love of history and culture, to learn various cultural motifs and challenge the volunteers and wake up their curiosity for the other cultures.
Our general aim; With planned voluntary activities, we aim to spread the importance of Troy’s story to compare the knowledge and importance in different cultures and the Turkish culture. At the same time, the volunteers will have a chance to present their culture among the local volunteers During a 6 months
period, they will stay in Turkey, so our objectives and goals promoting 2018 as Troy year and spreading the Turkish culture to other countries, breaking the stereotypes will be completed.
We will create a blog and booklet that will be shared on the web and social network so we can share the results of the projects and reach a wider audience. With opening a youtube channel, they will have aa duty to create video stories about Troy, about what you must to do and visit while in Canakkale and sharing their own EVS stories.


•To help young people (especially aged from 17 to 25) to join social life in Çanakkale.
•To support the personal, social and cultural development of young people.
•To raise awareness of the community on social and environmental issues.
•To make knowledge raising studies on youth rights and human rights with young people.
•To enable young people from diverse backgrounds in producing together.
•To develop solutions on youth problems and foster their participation to social and
democratic life.
•To make specific studies on the subjects concerning the youth of the city and country.
•To foster young people’s involvement in decision-making and managing of the city. Çanakkale Koza Youth Association provides the following activities to achieve above-
mentioned objectives;
•Training courses for personal development of young people (Seminars, training courses and
•Capacity-building activities for University youth clubs and different youth groups
•Art, Language and Cultural courses; such as ceramic, movie-reading, drama, painting, English
speaking etc.
•Youth festivals and workshops
•Sportive activities; swimming, dance
•Preparing summer and winter programs for children
•Local and national networking among youth organizations. Etc.


Being a volunteer in our organization means being a part of our team. Volunteers are going to be fully integrated into the partnership, projects, activities, and people who work for it. We will give the volunteer options and we will adapt to their needs, interests, and hours of work, engaging in, once we have several areas to offer. The volunteer will always work within a team, accompanied by more people and never alone to carry out any activity, this means that we will be here all the time helping to the volunteer to learn new things and to develop his/her tasks.
Participation in our EVS project will help him/her to develop creative skills, language skills, and communicative skills.
Our organization has a wide range of activities for young people and us to the volunteers the opportunity to develop working on the activities already implemented or to propose new activities which they will organize them with the entire support of the organization.
They will develop communicational and promotional abilities, relational competencies, and predisposition to interact with the public. This because they will be actively involved in the promotion of the volunteering, formative, informative activities carried out by KOZA.
Çanakkale Koza Genclik Dernegi is a contact point of Eurodesk, regarding this we are organizing lots of informational trainings and meetings for the local community in order to present the Eurodesk network and also Erasmus plus as a program. Volunteers will take part and have the responsibility of making the local community and local youngsters aware of our Organization’s work, Erasmus + Programme, Eurodesk and other opportunities for youngsters by opening a stand and doing flash mobs or other activities in order to attract the local people and to make them curious about this European programs. This will be good for him/her to develop their presentational skills and chance to get in contact with the local people, to get more closely with the new culture, to learn something new for the Turkish culture and most of all chance to improve and learn Turkish language.
Our organization is having a project with the organization for people with disabilities.
We are offering swimming courses for people with special needs. The volunteer will have a chance to work with our team on this project, to learn something new, and to feel the real value of volunteerism.
Working with disadvantaged children and helping them to socialize and to motivate these children to take an active part in the activities. As an example, the volunteers will be in charge to help in the preparation process for those kinds of workshops intended for immigrant children as Chess, Painting, Drama, Cinema, English etc.


• youngsters between the age of 18 to 30
• able to at least communicate in English
• interested in youth politics, art & culture and youth information
• open-minded, creative, self-reliant and responsible
•ready to work with the disadvantaged group of children and youth
•ready to travel and participate in outdoor activities
•motivated to work with disadvantaged groups (children, disabilities and young people)

 Extra points
•Good at using Photoshop, Coreldraw, video edit
•Good at swimming
•Good at webpage design


Volunteers will be accommodated in a pension or a house, which will be close to the organization’s office, max. 5-10 minutes on foot. If there will be more than one volunteer, they will share a flat/house.


Send your CV, Motivation Letter as well as 2 photos from your everyday life to

Title: EVS-Çanakkale