To start your own business is a dream of a lot of people but some problems can occur while starting a new business. The main problem of failures is that young entrepreneurs don’t have enough resources and experience in the first stages of entrepreneurial process.

To introduce ourselves, we are team of three enthusiastic individuals, who, besides having interesting jobs in different sectors have a vision and passion to make our own businesses, thus having its small contribution to new and innovative Armenia development. We are participating in “Entrepreneurship Academy” project, the aim of which is to support the participants in the process of developing their own business ideas and bring them into life.

The first part of the program, which took place in Georgia was mainly focused on idea generation. There were 3 representatives from 8 countries, out of which 2 were beginner entrepreneurs and one was the supervisor. During this cycle, the participants were getting acquainted with what entrepreneurship is. We learned important skills such as creating a business canvas and an elevator pitch. During different types of group activities, we learned how to efficiently work on our ideas and what were the main areas we should focus on.

Here we were assigned to conduct a business plan and create a 3-minute pitch deck, which we should later present in front of investors in Italy.

Our participants worked on and developed their ideas and in Italy, wrote down the business plan of their startup ideas. Here we had many interesting group activities as well to strengthen the skills we already had, improved our pitch decks and in the end, had the chance to present it in front of investors.

The 3rd cycle of the program will take place in Moldova, where need to present the growth that our startups have had during these 10 months, what is the stage that our startups are currently in and the plans we have for future.

Also, during this time, we well organize an event called “One Day CEO”, where students and pupils will have the chance to act as CEOs for one day and will work on ideas, which they later will be able to implement.

This project gives a unique opportunity to us, to grow personally and professionally and boost our idea through getting step by step guidance from professionals in the field. It will create an environment for us to collaborate with other startups, as well create opportunities for business development by introducing the start up to investors, etc.

Here is also a little video