Being outside of comfort box is always a good idea in order to discover yourself again and find new motives to go forward. New adventure came through ‘’Entrevolution’’ project hold in December 8-15, a beautiful corner of Blansko, Czech Republic. The project unified young people with business ideas and a strong desire to become entrepreneurs from Armenia, Italy, Croatia, Georgia and Lithuania. The project is not only about getting business skills by formulating business lean canvas or enhancing communication skills through simulation games and non-formal methods, or having experience sharing visits to local start-up accelerators and innovative centers, but also networking, synergy of new ideas and sharing values which are enlarging mind horizon. For me, personally, this is an important contribution for my personal growth, because the participation of the project made me more flexible in foreign environment and confident in my future career plans.

Asya Sepkhanyan

The training course ‘’Entrevolution’’ was the first step of changing something in my life. It was the first Erasmus project I have participated in, so when going there I was full of expectations. Fortunately, all of them came true. Our journey was long, full of unforgettable memories, adventures and finally, we were there, in a small and peaceful place, in Blansko.

There were people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. We were given the opportunity of getting acquainted with them, learning interesting things about other cultures and improving our capacity of networking. I clearly remember all the moments spent there, as I have gained valuable knowledge. We have learnt how to present ourselves and our business ideas properly, how to run a successful business and how to not be afraid of thinking differently. It helped me to improve both my hard and soft skills. After every activity that we have done there, I realized that I was getting closer and closer to my main goal. Besides all of this, we have made many good friends and managed to become a family during those 8 days. Thus, I really enjoyed being the part of this amazing project.

Nare Khachikyan

Actually, this was the first time of participating on Erasmus projects and I believed that this course would give me many helpful and useful experience for my future career development.  It was really amazing to be gathered with many participants from different countries, from different nationalities and in addition to this share many business ideas, participate on workshops, discover ourselves and also be willing to help and supportive to each other, I think all of these listed describe what kind of vibes and atmosphere we felt there. Really it was surprising for me to have visits to the main cities of Czech Republic for not only to know about them, but to get the main and actual things interesting  about Czech local businesses. We have tried to keep our mind concentrated and focused on the right things that entrepreneur should do and got a brilliant lesson-learned from it – have Idea, then plan it, initiate it, execute , control and have a happy business . The words cannot paint the perfect picture that how many amazing people we have met during the project. It may sound weird, but this project had its huge impact on my brain and I will prove it during several months. To sum up, I would like to mention, that I really enjoyed the stay and the project in Blansko, I got many friends, now I’m much more inspired than I was and thankful for such opportunity.

Hovhannes Khachatryan

When I was applying for the project “Entrevolution” I was expecting to get new practical knowledge, hands-on experience,deepen my knowledge and get to know with young entrepreneurs.Since I am an entrepreneur and I own a company, I always need to develop my skills and learn new things. Now when the project ended I can say that I got even more than I’ve expected.

The project was held on December 8-15 in a beautiful town of Blansko. It unified youngsters from Armenia,Croatia,Italy,Georgia,Lithuania.
Bright, young minds, dedicated young entrepreneurs and non-formal environment all wrapped up in the atmosphere of creating and learning. The project inspired and left a desire to learn even more.Trainers helped me to get a lot of motivation and to write my business plan.Returning back to my country, I can surely say that I’ve got a life-long experience which I’m going to apply in my workplace and use the knowledge I’ve got for my future career development.I am very thankful for the opportunity given by “Future in Our Hands” NGO to develop my skills, to discover beautiful Czech Republic, and myself in this way.

Suzanna Miqayelyan