Project Venue: Ivancice, Czech Republic

Project Dates: 1.4.2020-31.7.2020

Deadline: 15.01.2020


Our main motivation and a need is to create new foreign partnerships with a positive impact on the project
target group, ie volunteers, partner organizations, associated partners, local community, organizations,
associations – microregion Ivančicko, Krumlov and Kahan, SVČ employees and clients. We want to create
a cooperation that gives new dimensions, new ideas and shows intercultural aspects.
SVČ Ivančice expands with its activities and a cooperation to surrounding microregions (ie municipalities,towns, schools, clubs, etc.) and therefore we want to take an advantage of this opportunity and offer cooperation on activities that will benefit all participated groups. The collaboration on joint activities will have a positive impact on the life of the communities, young people, increase European mobility, strengthen an active citizenship, tackle social cohesion issues, support the transition of people to adulthood. We will create a space for important personal and professional competencies that will enable further integration into society and the labor market. The groups involved in the project will bring new perspectives, experiences and knowledge of European cultures.

We want to build on our already realized projects and continue with the set visions and plans. We want to involve volunteers not only in the activities of the standard EVS of our organization, but also in the activities of the whole microregion Ivančicko, Krumlovsko and Kahan.


-to promote learning to new knowledge, skills, knowledge, attitudes and values important for personal development and application in society, to create and support an individual educational plan of the volunteer
-to acquire skills for personal, educational and professional development as well as for social integration
-to promote participation, active citizenship and sense of initiative
-to support the development of creativity, the possibility of self-realization, ie the possibility to formulate, consult, process original thoughts, ideas, implement own projects and bring into them the element of Europeanism
-to deal with polytechnic education as a means of developing thinking, performing tasks and their subsequent solutions
-to increase media and language literacy
-to promote intercultural dialogue, shared values, solidarity, freedom and tolerance
-to create a space for mutual exchange of experiences in the field of work with children, youth and
-to create an action plan involving individual volunteers in associated partner activities

ICT – new technologies – digital competences
Youth (participation, youth work, youth policy)
Creativity and culture

1/ The volunteer will perform an activity that includes pedagogical activities in the following areas of interest:
regular interest groups (sport, creative, dance, media, …)
occasional events for the public camps and stays educational and adaptation programs for schools spontaneous and preventive activities in youth clubs
activities of youth information center and media studio activities of children centre A volunteer can combine activities according to his or her own interests – media, sport, creation, dance, project activity, work with small children, work in youth clubs, etc.
2/ The volunteer within the strategic EVS will be integrated into activities in cooperation with associated organizations in the microregion Ivančicko, Krumlovsko and Kahan. The volunteer will participate in annual events such as the Microregion Festival (Municipalities), the Restaurant Day (associations) and the European Day of Languages (Schools). These actions are intended as complementary activities to enhance the systemic impact. These actions reach a large number of people and are therefore suitable for promoting volunteering, EVS and Erasmus+.

3/ Other activities that the volunteer will do are: Czech language teaching, creation of own projects/ miniprojects/events/programs, promotion of EVS and Erasmus+ program, participation in educational seminars, creation of media spots, promotion and decoration of the building.

-to participate in regular pedagogical activities of the organization
-to participate in occasional events for the public
-to take initiative in youth club activities
-to organize monthly one voluntary event
-to prepare presentation about an own country
-to create an own project/miniproject
-to participate in public events/activities within associated organizations
-to attend the On-Arrival Training, Mid-term Meeting and other trainings
-to prepare visual documentation and archieve of their own project activities to learn Czech language
-Besides all these, the volunteer is encouraged to come with new ideas, youth initiative, youth exchanges, or other kind of projects which can be suitable for hosting organization.

We will be particularly interested in such a young person who:
-is open to cooperation
-is communicative, active, fearless
-has a high motivation and a positive attitude towards working with children, youth and adults
-has an interest and an ability in our interest pedagogical activities
-is able to work in teams and also individually according to the task at hand with responsibility
-has a solution oriented approach
-is open minded
-is open to learn and share knowledge and experience
-has a high interest in Czech language and culture
-is motivated to meet new people and new cultures
-is open to intercultural learning
-has basic knowledge of English language
-is between 18-26 years old (preferred)


Send your CV, Motivation Letter as well as 2 photos from your everyday life to