SEAL CYPRUS in cooperation with Future in Our Hands in Armenia and other partner organisations has organized an international seminar on Human Rights Education  Cyber-Hate;. In Larnaca, Cyprus, The training took place from 1 to 9 of December, with 36 young people from 10 countries participating.

The participants have worked on how to promote media literacy and critical thinking among young people.

The training achieved to raise awareness about Cyber-hate and the risks it represents at a personal level (well-being of young people)and a social level (democracy).

The project partners have committed to prevent and counter cyber-hate and violent radicalisation of the young people online and offline with the use of Human Rights Education.

On Tuesday, December 4, the delegates had the honour to meet the Cyprus Commissioner for Volunteerism and NGO, Mr. Yiannis Yiannaki, who engaged into a discussion about volunteerism in Cyprus, the contribution of young people, the legal framework, and the improvements made in recent years and the challenges still ahead.

On Wednesday, December 5, the delegates the participants visited the Europe Direct Information Center of the Municipality of Larnaca. Mrs MyrtoKatsouripresented the opportunities for access to valid information provided by Europe Direct centers to the European citizens.

The training was funded by the Erasmus+/ Youth through the National Agency of the Programme, the Youth Board of Cyprus.

Armenia was represented by three participants from Future in Our Hands Youth NGO: Neli Abrahamyan , Vardan Oganesyan and Tigran Arakelyan.

The goal of the training course was to develop human rights literacy and critical thinking among young people. On December 4th, the young people had chance to meet Jannes Jiannaki Cypriot Commissioner for Volunteering and Non-Governmental Organizations. On December 5, the participants visited the European Information Center of
Larnaca City Hall during which Mrs. Myrto Card presented the existing programs and opportunities.

As Neli mentiones: The training was very useful both professionally and personally. We met new people from different backgrounds and built a very good network and developed our communication skills. During the course I made an presentation “Ten stages of Genocide in the example of Armenian Genocide’’. At first I was very anxious but to my surprise participants got interested in the subject very deeply and even asked me to provide them with additional materials. I have participated in different international workshops but this was my first Erasmus+ and I liked this experience a lot. Looking forward to new challenges:))


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