IMG_2347On the 25th of June a group of young researchers from Getamech’s school had a study visit named “Get to Know Your Country” to Haghartsin which was organized by FIOH Armenia together with the cooperation with Getamech School staff.From Haghartsin young


students went on a walking tour to Jukhtak monastery.The visit aimed at providing students with information on cultural and spiritual values of Armenia and developing their presentation skills.
Information on these two cultural complexes of Armenia was represented to the students in an unusual and more productive way, not in an ordinary way as it is done in a classroom. Students were taught the material by their classmates. Before going on an expedition each of the students was to learn some information about the cultural complex and about the area and to present it to his or her classmates.
After the presentations done by the students they had some small workshops and several task to do, which were followed by interesting games and fun activities.
At the end of the day the participants gave reports, which summarized their findings and reflections. Learning inspired participants with new ideas, which they brought home and developed into suggestions for their work.
As the expedition was a real success the FIOH Armenia is going to strengthen the cooperation with the school and is going to organize such kind of activities in the future too in order to develop certain important skills in the students like group working, teaching and presentations skills.

‘Seeing other ways of working opens your mind and gives you good ideas.’

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