DATES:19th–27th june 2024
VENUE: Spain,Valdepenas

About The Project 

The main reason we want to carry out this project is to give the opportunity to know the reality of many of the abandoned
animals. We believe that through this exchange many young people will be put in direct contact with abandoned animals
and their realities, which will be a very good opportunity to make them aware of the need for these animals, the
consequences of abandonment, and especially instill in them animal care, so that it is they, future generations, who care
for animals properly and those who fight because many others respect and treat them the same.
In addition to changing policies to avoid this, you have to change the mentality of society, which is why we want to carry
out this project. We will use young people for it.
We totally agree with Mahatma Gandhi when he said that “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be
judged by the way its animals are treated”, so we want to be part of that change, and for this we will use the tools that
Erasmus + puts within our reach.
– Raise awareness among young people about the importance of caring for animals
– Familiarize and involve them with the work done by animal associations
– Know the realities of animals in the different countries participating in the project and analyze the differences
– Change, as far as possible, the reality of the animals with which we work directly.
– Help animal associations with which we collaborate to improve their work
– Disseminate the results of this project as much as possible, in order to raise the awareness of the largest number of
people on the subject.


-Merchandising  creation
-Poster creation
-Creation of agreements with establishments to collect donations
-Meeting and care of the animals in the shelter centre
-Adoption champaing
-Final event for the adoption awarness


-Publicity activities
-Discussing Groups
-Team Building Activities
High motivation, full participation and love for the animals is required!
Personal skills and talents will be welcomed!


Please fill in the application form:

Deadline: April 15.