The Erasmus+ training course designed to empower youth workers and youth leaders in the use of digital video recording has been a great success, with participants learning a range of valuable skills and techniques to better engage marginalized young people.

Throughout the course, participants gained a deep understanding of how to effectively use digital video as a tool for youth work, including best practices for planning, filming, editing, and sharing videos. They learned how to use a variety of different video recording equipment and software, and also explored strategies for engaging young people in the creation and sharing of digital videos.

This is what participants share:

In an era dominated by technology and digital communication, engaging with young people requires innovative approaches that resonate with their preferences and habits. Young people today are immersed in a digital landscape where video content plays a central role in their daily lives. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and others have become cultural hubs where trends, ideas and information are shared and consumed.

Recognizing this shift, the “Digital Video: Reach and Engage Young People” project was aimed to harness the power of digital video content to create meaningful, impactful experiences and set out to leverage the popularity of digital video to convey messages, share stories, and build connections. Taking the opportunity, we would love to express our gratitude to DRAGON EGGS DIGITAL CIC and “FUTURE IN OUR HANDS” NGO for great opportunity being a part of this Erasmus + journey.

Team-working with people of different cultures and backgrounds, experiencing different cuisines presented by different cultural teams, creative discussions about video fundamentals, group brainstormings to identify target audience, video types and its uses, creating videos in international teams (especially “Apple in 5 shots”) and other activities promoted our creativity, had a positive impact on our digital video production skills, developed our team-working and collaboration skills, increased our awareness of importance of equality, diversity and inclusion.

It was awesome to

  1. Try and wear Jordanian traditional outfits, participate in their traditional dance and sample their traditional sweets and coffee.
  2. Receive one to one coaching sessions by Arvind (UK team), participate in his presentation “to help connect with your purpose and bring your true self and energy into your life and work”.
  3. Participate in a presentation from Anand (UK team) about “quick and easy techniques to calm your nervous system”.
  4. Visit Cambridge, Stamford, Peterborough and learn about these historical places.
  5. Experience French team’s presentation of wine, biscuits and snacks.
  6. Present our culture through traditional Armenian dishes and folk dances.

To sum up, we wanna say, that there are many memorable and impactful moments that we will carry with us for so long and there is a lot to be thankful for, but we would love to reach the one who is reading this and say: never hesitate to participate in such international projects, because this is a place of personal and professional development and participating in projects like these provides unique learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom setting.