Roza’s Remarkable ESC Journey in Romania: A Life-Changing Odyssey

Hey, I’m Roza, and let me tell you about the incredible ESC project I took part in Romania. It was legit life-changing, filled with amazing opportunities that rocked my world.

So, there were these 7 monthly campaigns, each covering cool topics like human rights, solidarity, and all that good stuff. We, the COSI team, organized events, and workshops, and made awesome content like videos and posters. We did also, researching the topics and understanding Romania’s scene with this Problem Tree thing. And it wasn’t just about doing things; we planned, implemented, and evaluated each campaign.

And get this, we had 8 intercultural evenings where we showcased our dances, food, and cool stuff from our countries. It was like a big cultural exchange party – super fun!

We also did some good with 2 humanitarian aid initiatives during the campaigns. Collected clothes, stationery, and stuff for those who needed it. Teaming up with local partners, we made a real impact.

But wait, there’s more! I wasn’t just into the campaigns; I got my hands dirty in COSI’s ongoing Erasmus+  projects. Coordinating Romanian teams for Erasmus+? Yup, did that too. We were hands-on in everything, from selecting participants to managing logistics.

During EPVP 4.1, we organized 2 Erasmus+ projects in Bucharest. I was all in – project management, logistics, participant selection – you name it. We even divided ourselves into teams during the mobility, taking care of everything from communicating with the hotel staff to posting pics for the gram.

And guess what? We learned how to write project grants! Like, how cool is that? Now we can apply for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program and maybe start our own thing someday.

This ESC journey wasn’t just a project; it was a wild ride that gave me skills, connections, and a whole new perspective. ESC is the real deal, turning us into active, engaged members of society. Big shoutout to COSI for this awesome experience!

If you ever get the chance to join a project like this, go for it! It’s a great opportunity!