A valid Schengen visa for that period is mandatory.


TOPIC: DBAY:Dialogue Between Authorities and Youth
DATES: 8-15 January 2024
VENUE: Vilanova de Arousa, Spain

About The Project 

“DBAY: Dialogue Between Authorities and Youth” is a Training Course, which will take place in Vilanova de Arousa (Spain), 8th-15th January 2024 (travel days included). The main aim of this project is to involve 18 participants from 7 different countries (4 participants per partner country & 4 from the Spanish and Romanian organizations) in order to share/learn the strategies and best practices that organisations have developed over the years in order to have a cooperative and synergic relationship with the institutions.

Project Objectives

  • Equipping association workers with the necessary skills and capacities to establish a productive relationship with institutions, especially municipal ones.
  • Increase youth participation in local communities and the need for the creation of youth organizations Create a manual with all the strategies, tools and methods acquired during the training course
  • To promote among the different associations the need for synergy and a common struggle to be heard. To create a European network of cooperation between youth associations with common objectives.
  • To promote multiculturalism, tolerance, diversity and respect among the different youth workers present in the training course. Increase the ability to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Disseminate the Erasmus+ program and other European opportunities for young people. Share ideas and best practices that can be used in local communities to bring youth closer to decision making
  • Disseminate the values of the European Union among the local youth and in those countries outside the EU, such as Armenia and Ukraine, present in this project.
  • Valid Schengen visa for that period is mandatory.


  • Age: +18
  • Priority: youngsters with fewer opportunities
  • Background: interested in the project topic and dissemination activities. Direct involvement in the organization’s decision making or organisational structure will be a plus.



Please fill in the application form: https://bit.ly/41dOmFV

Deadline: 13 December.