In response to the complex emotional and mental health challenges faced by young people in Ukraine, Armenuhi actively engaged in a seminar dedicated to youth work and mental well-being. Held at the European Youth Centre in Budapest from November 12 to 15, 2023, this gathering brought together youth workers and specialists to delve into the profound role of youth work in addressing the unique struggles young Ukrainians encounter.

The objectives of the seminar encompassed a comprehensive analysis of the current emotional and mental well-being challenges among the youth, the sharing of proven practices in youth work tailored for those affected by traumatic events, and the discussion of outcomes from the Youth for Democracy in Ukraine: Phase III project on trauma-informed youth work. Collaboratively, participants aimed to propose recommendations for enhancing youth work strategies in the context of emotional and mental health issues, without specific reference to geopolitical events.

As our team shares their success stories emerging from this valuable initiative, the focus remains on the positive impact of collective efforts in nurturing the mental resilience of Ukraine’s youth. The seminar served as a dynamic platform for exchanging insights and experiences, emphasizing the importance of effective youth work strategies in supporting young individuals facing diverse challenges. These success stories illuminate the transformative potential of dedicated youth work, showcasing inspiring outcomes and lessons that resonate beyond the seminar’s confines.

Hey , my name is Armmenuhi and I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the seminar on the role of youth work in supporting the mental well-being of young people affected by war at the Budapest European Center
It was a life-changing experience to not only share my own experiences from Armenia but also to hear from other participants from different countries.

The seminar was incredibly eye-opening as we had the chance to hear from representatives from the ministry of youth and sport of Ukraine, who helped us gain a deeper understanding of the current situation in Ukraine. The workshops we participated in were thought-provoking and provided valuable insights into how youth work can play a critical role in supporting the mental well-being of young people affected by war.

Being able to share my own experiences and learn from others was truly inspiring and I left Budapest feeling empowered and motivated to continue making a positive impact in my community. The connections and friendships I made during the seminar will stay with me for a lifetime.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such an important and impactful seminar and I am excited to continue applying what I have learned to support the mental well-being of young people in my own country (Armenia) and beyond.