DATES: 18-26 January 2024
VENUE: Bran, Romania.


  1. Networking and relationship building: One of the primary goals is to foster strong networks among different organizations working with rural youth across Europe. This involves creating opportunities for these organizations to connect, share experiences, and discuss potential collaborations.
  2. Skill and knowledge development: The activity will focus on enhancing the skills and knowledge of the participants in areas relevant to rural youth organizing, such as strategic development of youth groups, youth policy formaton, and community engagement strategies.
  3. Understanding the European Youth Village Program: An important objectve is to provide comprehensive insights into how the European Youth Village program operates. This includes an in-depth look at its methodologies, goals, and the frameworks it employs to empower rural youth.
  4. Planning collaborative projects: The activity will be an opportunity for organizations to brainstorm and plan potential collaborative projects that align with the goals of the European Youth Village program. This includes discussions on shared initiatives, exchange programs, or joint advocacy efforts.
  5. Sharing best practices: Participants will have the chance to share and learn best practices in the field of rural youth development. This exchange of ideas and strategies can help enhance the effectiveness of each organization’s work.
  6. Empowerment of rural youth: A key focus will be on discussing and developing strategies to empower young people from rural areas. This includes exploring ways to involve them in learning and development opportunities at an international level.
  7. Cultural exchange and understanding: Since participants will be from various parts of Europe, the activity also serves as a platform for cultural exchange and fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse contexts and challenges faced by rural youth in different countries.


  • Youth Workers or youth leaders
  • Age above 18 years old,
  • Actively involved in working with young people from rural areas,
  • Interested to develop specific skills to work with rural youth and connect to our European Youth Village program – as part of our strategic approach to scale the program at European level.


Please fill in the application form:
Deadline: December 3