Nestled in the scenic locale of Gonio, Georgia, from October 15th to 23rd, 2023, the Art of Being Creative (ABC) project unfolded. With a focus on empowering 39 international youth workers, ABC aimed to enhance social inclusion through creative thinking, theater, and collaborative project design. Acknowledging the imperative for inclusive strategies in the face of demographic shifts and increased migration, the project sought to equip participants with the tools to catalyze positive change in their communities. Through seven dynamic days of interactive activities and immersive learning, ABC emerged as a catalyst for fostering creativity, innovation, and inclusivity in the realm of youth work. This is the story of a transformative project that transcended borders, leaving participants poised to drive positive change in their respective communities.

During the ABC project, participants engaged passionately in crafting drafts for local initiatives poised to make a tangible impact in their respective communities. These projects were marked by creativity, addressing social inclusion and community development. From innovative youth-led arts festivals to interactive workshops promoting cultural understanding, the drafts reflected a diverse array of initiatives, all rooted in the principles of creative thinking, collaboration, and social competency developed during the program. The drafts exemplified a commitment to transforming newfound knowledge into actionable projects, serving as beacons of positive change on a local scale.

You can find drafts here:


Over 7 unforgettable days, I had the privilege of sharing this journey with 39 participants from 11 different countries. The experience was a true celebration of cultural diversity, creativity, and a shared passion for learning and growth.

We played various games that not only brought us closer as a group but also challenged our creativity and problem-solving skills.

The knowledge and skills I acquired during these days were not just theoretical but genuinely usable and interesting.

One of the highlights of my Erasmus+ experience was being part of the team “Carbonara Harem.” We were not just teammates; we became a closely-knit family over the course of those 7 days. The friendships formed within our group were one of the most valuable takeaways from this adventure.

In summary, my Erasmus+ experience in Gonio was a transformative journey filled with learning, fun, and lifelong connections. This experience will forever hold a special place in my heart.


-Gonio, it’s a city in Georgia (near Batumi), where I experienced my first ever Erasmus+ training program called “The Art of Being Creative”, which was made to enhance our creativity through theater and improvisation.
But let me start from scratch! Especially thrilling was the first day full of strangers and excitement from realizing that this opportunity would become something unforgettable tattooed in my memory. Throughout this project, we learned about how important it is to lead a life that is full of creativity. We engaged in sometimes even mind-blowing games where you
needed to use your intellect and diligence to notice peculiarities such as body language or how one behaves. It gave us a chance to evolve our social skills, by integrating them into initiatives that would bring positive changes into our society. Throughout this project, we learned to be socially inclusive through different workshops, cultural nights, and nonformal educational approaches. The project also gave us the capabilities to apply our knowledge about the local issues and create follow-up projects that would help to develop our community. To conclude, this program not only enabled me to be disposed to other cultures, and make lifelong friendships and connections, but it also taught us to be thankful and enjoy little moments in life even more. This was a refreshing project that motivated me to grow as an individual, strive for the best every day, and motivate those surrounding me. This was surely one of the best experiences of my life, which made me reflect on my future goals, change my perspectives, expand my horizons, learn to communicate, and be inclusive.


I’m very excited to share my satisfying experience of “Art of Being Creative-ABC training on creativity for social inclusion” TC,  which took place from 15-23.10.2023 in Gonio, Georgia, uniting together 39 young people from Armenia 🇦🇲 Czech Republic 🇨🇿, Estonia 🇪🇪 France 🇫🇷, Germany 🇩🇪, Italy 🇮🇹, Romania 🇷🇴, Spain 🇪🇸, Georgia 🇬🇪, Moldova 🇲🇩, and Ukraine 🇺🇦.
It was a great opportunity to experience new things and learn best practices of creativity and how to apply them to promote  social inclusion in local communities. Within different activities we’ve discovered methods  and techniques to empower individuals and groups of people with the skills they need to effect change within their communities. The training course was well-structured, useful, interactive, with an emphasis on the practical side.
And finally, the “Erasmus + projects enabled me to get a better understanding of European values and the importance of creating networks with people from different countries and cultures of Europe.