Armenian Team Shines at AES Project

In the beautiful setting of Larnaca, Cyprus, the AES project in October 2023 brought together a global team of youth workers passionate about fostering an alternative economy for sustainability. Among them, the Armenian team stood out as a remarkable success story.

The AES project’s objectives were to equip youth workers with knowledge and skills to promote environmental sustainability, raise awareness of green and circular economies, and create sustainable activities for young people. The Armenian team not only embraced these objectives but excelled at putting them into practice.

They grasped the intricacies of the circular economy and, more importantly, applied the principles in their daily lives. With unwavering dedication, they became champions of environmental awareness and sustainability in Armenia.

The Armenian team’s success story is one of continuous growth and a commitment to positive change in their local community. They serve as an inspiring example of how knowledge and dedication can lead to a more sustainable future for all.

Hey there!

We, the participants of the Training Course “Alternative Economy for Sustainability”, are thrilled to share our success story and the amazing journey we’ve been on. It’s been a fantastic ride, and we’ve gained so much more than we could have ever imagined.

Our journey revolved around learning and implementing the principles of green economy. Through engaging workshops, informative sessions, and hands-on experiences, we explored circular economy. We learned to reduce waste, recycle resources, and re-imagine how products, materials and packaging can be reused. This knowledge didn’t stay confined to the four walls of our training sessions; it spilled into our daily lives. We started making eco-friendly choices, reducing our carbon footprint, and advocating for sustainable practices. During the project, we also acquired a variety of tools and engaging activities that added a touch of creativity and enjoyment to our endeavors.

Then, let’s talk about discovering diverse cultures. This project created a safe space for us to grow and learn. We got to meet and connect with people from different corners of the globe, each bringing their unique traditions and perspectives to the table. Fostering dialogue with people from different backgrounds and religions was another eye-opening experience. We had meaningful conversations, shared stories, and listened to each other with open hearts and minds. Through this journey, we had the privilege of getting to know incredibly intellectual and wonderful people, formed friendships that will definitely be treasured for a lifetime. We learned to appreciate the beauty of diversity and realized that, at our core, we’re all just human beings trying to make this world a better place.

But it wasn’t just about discovering others; it was also about self-discovery. We learned so much about ourselves along the way. We realized that we’re capable of making a real impact on the world. The project gave us the tools and knowledge to be change-makers, and that’s something we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Our experience with Future in Our Hands was unforgettable. We’ve discovered the world, discovered ourselves, and discovered the power of unity. So, to everyone out there, don’t underestimate the impact of warm, inclusive, and diverse projects like this one – they have the potential to make you grow in ways you would never expect.

With the warmest memories,

Milena, Nazeli, Zhanna