• DATES: 2023-2024 (from 4 to 12 months)
  • VENUE: Katowice, Poland

Bona Fides Association has outlined a comprehensive and diverse volunteering program in Katowice, Poland, encompassing various activities aimed at community building, ecological tasks, working with vulnerable groups, and promoting the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) project. Here’s an overview of the program for potential applicants:

Community Building and Organizing:

Research and Outreach: Volunteers will research and collect contacts of local foreigners in Katowice while identifying areas with higher foreign populations.
Local Group Formation: Create groups comprising interested local inhabitants (both Polish and other cultures) to address relevant community issues.
Community Meetings: Organize meetings with local groups to discuss neighborhood improvements, events, and establish short-term and long-term goals.
Support Vulnerable Groups: Identify and address issues concerning vulnerable groups like seniors, minorities, and people with disabilities.
Partnerships: Research and establish partnerships with local, regional, and national NGOs working for local communities, including foreigners.
Engagement Campaigns: Conduct interviews, collect petitions, and organize local campaigns to encourage active community engagement and sensitization.
Cultural Year: Plan and execute a cultural year with monthly or bimonthly events to celebrate and raise awareness about the city’s diverse cultures.
Language Exchanges: Organize language exchange groups for those interested in learning new languages.

Healthification and Beautification of Katowice:

Environmental Initiatives: Engage local volunteers in cleaning initiatives, beautification projects, and lake cleanups, promoting responsible behavior and environmental-friendly practices.
Educational Workshops: Conduct workshops in schools and libraries on various topics including healthy diets, gardening, pollution, climate change, and more.
“Eat Healthy” Video Program: Analyze food products in supermarkets, create informative videos, and utilize digital platforms for awareness.
Promote Healthy Eating: Identify places offering healthy and sustainable food options.
Sport and Game Events: Organize sports and game events at the local level to promote physical activity and raise awareness about environmental issues.
Healthy Excursions: Arrange excursions to explore green spaces in the Silesian region, fostering integration among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Sensorial Inclusive City Campaign:

Inclusive Events: Organize events to foster inclusion and mutual understanding, involving people with fewer opportunities.
Assistance for Sensory Disabilities: Accompany and assist individuals with sensory disabilities in various activities and outings.
Talent Shows and Workshops: Create platforms for people facing barriers to showcase their talents and abilities.
Barrier Exhibition:** Develop a photo exhibition highlighting the concept of barriers and accessibility.
Sensory Barrier Simulation: Organize simulations to raise awareness about the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities.
Support for Children and Adolescents: Assist local institutions working with children and adolescents with disabilities from challenging backgrounds.
Language and Digital Skills: Provide English and digital skills lessons to people with fewer opportunities.
Interactive Map: Create a digital interactive map to assist people with sensory and motor disabilities.



Prospective volunteers for the Bona Fides Association’s ESC project in Katowice should have a passion for community engagement, environmental conservation, and inclusivity. Ideal candidates should possess strong interpersonal skills, a commitment to making a positive impact, and a willingness to adapt to diverse tasks. Proficiency in English may be helpful, but it is not always a strict requirement, as teaching and support will be provided. Applicants should be 18-30 y. o., open-minded, empathetic, and ready to work in a collaborative international team to contribute to the betterment of the local community and promote positive change in Katowice.


APPLICATION LINKhttps://bit.ly/48k3i8E