PROJECT NAME: Digital Video: Youth Outreach and Engagement
DATES: end of March

LOCATION: TBD( a family house in the countryside, rooms will be shared among 2-4 pax).  Participants will live together, cook and clean themselves as a family.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Erasmus+ training course designed to empower youth workers and youth leaders in the use of the wildly accessible digital video recording medium to better engage marginalized young people. The participants will share their knowledge and experience to help each other better understand the application of digital video in youth work. The activities will take place in a multicultural family style setting. There will be 31 participants representing 10 organizations from different countries. Together we will experience intercultural cooperation and share positive values while enhancing our problem solving, communication and teamwork skills.


  • 18+ years youth workers and youth leaders
  • Good command of English
  • Ready to implement the project result in further work
  • Motivated and open to new experiences and learning opportunities
  • open-minded and flexible  towards new knowledge, viewpoints and respectives
  • Preferably having a valid UK visa