Sometimes you don’t have to be 100 % ready for a change to get so much from it. This is my case.
I am Knarik from Armenia, the country where most of people are afraid of changes and new experiences. And by the way people were reacting on the idea to go abroad for a year and start a life there without knowing anything or anyone there I could say that I succeeded to not let anyone get to my head.
I spent 1 year in Oswiecim, Poland. Now when I look back I understand that I got so much experience in professional and everyday life things.
I worked as a teacher of music and languages, but at the same time I was a judge of musical competitions and I was helping with event management. My work life was so interesting, I was doing the stuff I really wanted to do, I had the best colleagues I could ever imagine, I had the best coordinators and the best students.
From the first moment on I felt like I was at home. I didn’t feel any cultural shock, I was in a place where everyone cared for me and made me feel good.
Of course, the first period was hard because I was living with a stranger, I was walking around places I didn’t hear of, I didn’t know the language and the habits of the locals. But I never had the realization that I am somewhere strange.
I found people that will stay in my life for a long time, I made many international friends. I got to know a lot of cultures, sometimes some things surprised me, and sometimes some things were weird but all in all, I got the best idea about life that crosses the border of Armenia.
Living alone and experiencing so many emotions, challenges and situations made me a stronger and more prepared person in life.
If I didn’t take this opportunity I would regret it for whole my life.
All the personal experiences I’m keeping to myself but I strongly recommend everyone to challenge themselves to take risks and know themselves from a different perspective.
The best thing you can do in life is knowing yourself better and you can do that only by throwing yourself into a new experiences.