Hello from our team !!
We are here to share with you our small journey and experience within the framework of “Act for Nature” Erasmus+ exchange program, which location was Poland. The remaining impressions are indescribable and it was one of the best 7 days of our lives. Participants came from Poland, Portugal, Greece, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. The intercultural atmosphere influenced on each of us significantly from the first day. We made new friends, experienced communication with foreigners and learned, how we can take care of nature and our planet. Well, it’s a dream, isn’t it? The program was very useful with a lot of information and activities. It is extremely important in our current world to know about environmental protection, waste and plastic recycling. This was a challenge to discover ourselves too. Also, polish culture, architecture, narrow streets, traditions and cuisine were amazing.
In conclusion, I think we all had spectacular days that we can remember forever and we are grateful for giving us this chance. We want to take this opportunity to thank the organisers , FIOH Armenia, EFM Poland and Erasmus+. You were very caring, friendly, bright and You did a really huge job! Once again, thank you!