About the Project

“The Road to Recovery”project is aimed at improving the opportunities for personal and professional realization of young peopleafter the global pandemic, by building healthy habits, improving their motor skills and understanding the factors influencing all aspects of physical, spiritual and emotional development of the individual. Specific objectivesof the project:
To raise the awareness of young people / incl. and disadvantaged / in terms of how healthy lifestyles and sports affect the ability to adapt and meet the challenges of post- Covid reality.
To promote a healthy lifestyle and sports as tools for social inclusion and to combat marginalization, xenophobia and other negative consequences of the pandemic.
To arouse interest in the practice of health routines, sports and outdoor activities in response to the isolation, depression, insecurity and phobias caused by the pandemic among young people,
To create a network of youth workers – multipliers of the idea of a healthy lifestyle as a means of dealing with the consequences of the crisis with Covid-19.

Participant Countries

The projects includes organizations from8 countries from all over Europe:Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine which will take part in the one-week training for youth workers “The road to Recovery” as well as in follow-up activities for promotion of healthy lifestyle as tool for social inclusion on local and national level. The Road to Recovery” Training Coursewill be held between8th and 14th of August 2022 at the “Prespa” Hotel, Pamprovo Ski Resort, Plovdiv Region,

Partticipant’s Profile

Age: Over 20 years;
Occupation: youth worker, employee / leader of an NGO, teacher, social worker, active volunteer, trainer / facilitator, student, sports coach and / or mentor,
Special requirements
: experience and / or interest in the field of current training and clearly expressed motivation for participation and multiplication of learning;
: English /at least spoken /;
Logistical requirements
: to be present throughout the training according to the planned working days; to conduct and document at least one dissemination event related to the project topic.

The location and the venue

Pamporovo Ski Resortis located at the heart of Rhodopa Mountains – 230 km from city of Sofia and 80 km from city of Plovdiv. It is the most famous and sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort but it is also a popular tourist place in summer due to its mild temperatures, fresh air and beautiful nature. The event will take place at thePrespa Hotelwhich is located at the centre of Pamporovo with an incredible view of the Rhodope Mountains. It is one of the
biggest hotels in the area. The participants will be accommodated in double rooms, 
same gender and mixed nationalities. The breakfast, the lunch and the dinner will be served at a buffet in accordance with dietary restrictions. Two coffee breaks will be provided daily.

Financial conditions

7 days accommodation and meals will be covered by the project. Travel expenses will be reimbursed to the participants after the training course, based on their actual costs and not exceeding the Erasmus+ distance calculator band as follows (up to 275 Euro for participants from Armenia).
Note, that visa fee is not refundable.

How to Apply?

For application follow the link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_QYXv95enrpUOGK9x0AqPMaf2fAvAko6fnkNZcyepXc/edit

Application deadline is June 30