Hello! I am Vergine Gyulnazaryan and I am excited to share my precious Erasmus+ experience in Romania with you.  This time I enjoyed my good fellow Sona’s company and we both can surely say that our expectations were more than met. It is a completely different feeling when you meet new people and it is even more heartwarming to reunite with people who you have already known.

This second amazing mobility gave us a chance to know each other better and work hard together to build BRIDGES among us and our communities. We learnt how to write Erasmus + projects and how to make it competitive to get funding. For this, we were split into groups and chose the needs we would like to address most of all with our future projects.  Though the process was challenging for me as I learnt a lot of new things, I really enjoyed that international atmosphere full of different ideas and various experiences. And as it turned out the issues the participants from different countries were talking about during the mobility were the same for everyone and for every country. This was another reason for all of us to strengthen our bonds and put more efforts to make our communities and the world a better place to live. For this purpose, the professional team of ADA will conduct an online mentorship to provide assistance to us on our way of generating changes in our communities.

I am motivated and full of new ideas to create more opportunities for young people in my community to live their lives fully. The role of this life-changing Erasmus+ experience is really essential in this case and I am grateful for this opportunity to participate in this training course as I feel how much I have grown both personally and professionally.