It has always been hard for me to transform emotions into words. In the case of my Erasmus+ journey in Romania it is even harder as the wide spectrum of emotions I experienced was incredibly heartwarming and overwhelmingly different  …


I was looking for a unique experience playing a pivotal role in my life when I learned about the project “Bridges” in Romania, and didn’t hesitate to apply for it. Luckily, I was chosen as one of the participants from Armenia and, as one can imagine, was extremely excited 🙂 So, my adventures started!


I met an Armenian girl Vergine, full of infinite energy,  with whom I was going to present Armenia during the project. Together we had to go through a long way including even an unexpected delay of the flight from Istanbul to Tbilisi, but it is not important now 🙂


During this project I learned how to build and reinforce bridges between young people with fewer opportunities and authorities by exercising the set of knowledge, skills and ideas provided by the experienced trainers and facilitators.


However, the most important and “sweet” part of the project was interaction with different people of various nationalities and cultural values, which created a diverse, inclusive and friendly atmosphere where everyone was welcome and appreciated with the characteristics, beliefs and values they bore. It was amazing to see how people with an absolutely different mindset and background could shape a global community and get along with each other perfectly. In other words this experience was cherished for me from several perspectives including knowledge, human interaction, exposure to various cultures and especially to Romanian one.


Who has ever participated in an Erasmus+ project will prove that Erasmus vibes are the most potent and vibrant ones. Thankfully, I am among those 😉