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This is a project, that connects international long-term volunteers and their hosting organizations in Lithuanian cities (Vilnius and Trakai).
While coordinating international volunteering projects “Europos savanoriu tarnybos asociacija Saltes”, as organization, has established good and longlasting relationships with hosting organizations in Lithuania, that wants to continue their work with international volunteers, keep on hosting new ones.
We see the value in this project, because both hosting organizations and volunteers will have the possibility to enhance their skills in an informal way, gain new skills, learn to collaborate better, to be more tolerant, to be responsible citizens, share experiences and enhance intercultural competencies.

Democratic School is an alternative private school for children aged 5-15.
The aim of the school is to create an environment which addresses the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative needs of children. We hope the kids to be happy at school and cherish their childhood. School environment motivates children to take responsibility for their learning process. This school is implementing principles of democratic education, such as weekly class meeting and later school meeting where the decisions are made all together. This is a crucial part of our school. Focusing on learning to live like a community and make decisions together, to create a better environment for all. Democratic school is not limited only by lesson time, there are also non-formal education activities as well as free play time where kids have all freedom to create their
own games.

Volunteer will be accommodated in a rented apartment together with other volunteers, each volunteer will have a separated room. Volunteer will be provided with monthly allowance (food and pocket money), monthly public
transport ticket.

ESTA Saltes are looking for the volunteers as soon as possible.


Volunteers that are interested in the opportunities provided above, should send their CV and motivational letters to with CC to with the title ESC_LITHUANIA-ARMCANDIDATE