Project title: Volunteering4Solidarity

Venue: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Duration: 1 year

Hosting organization: Association Euni Partners

Number of volunteers: 1

Aim of the project:

The project objectives are directed towards engaging the volunteers in activities by which their sense of active citizenship can be fostered, to develop their social competences and cultural awareness. They will learn how to work in a team, to acquire leading skills; intercultural competence; organizational skills; problem solving and critical thinking.

It will equip them with key personal, professional and entrepreneurial competencies and skills such as teamwork, leadership, intercultural competences, project management, problem solving and critical thinking. The aim of the project is to empower young people to become independent individuals, ready to enter the labour market on one side. On the other, they will strive to influence the local community through conducting trainings on social entrepreneurship, this way, providing opportunities for social inclusion and equal opportunities for all.

Participants’ profile:

Participants should be aged between 18-30 years, willing to take a challenge and get out from their comfort zone. We are looking mainly for young people with fewer of opportunities, particularly with geographical or economic obstacles or cultural differences, who are interested in NGO field, education, culture and social initiatives, who are open-minded, tolerant and respectful of others, with strong desire to learn new things. Willing to approach with understanding different points of view, willing to increase their confidence, improve self-expression, open to receive new knowledge about other countries and be able to share information about his/her country. They should have good level of English language, be motivated, communicative, creative and resourceful people, ready to work in team and help to each other. The project will involve 4 volunteers from EU member countries.


 Volunteers’ tasks:

 Developing of personal projects – Each volunteer will develop, with the support of our team, a personal project, which is not pre-defined, but depends on the personal interests of the volunteers.

  • Participation in the organization of Chat club – Volunteers will be also involved in youth club – Chat Club, initiative of our former volunteers. They will prepare 4 events, where they will present their country, traditions, habits, food and culture. Depending on volunteers’ interest, besides Intercultural nights, they will be supported to organise events also on other topics of interest.
  • Preparing English lessons and Handbook – During school months, volunteers will lead interactive English-speaking lessons and Civic education workshops. Through non-formal education, taking part in conversations, encouraging students to use English in daily situations, like shopping, going to a restaurant, hospital, buying a bus ticket, exercising their rights and learning their duties, involvement, problem-solving, etc. To make those lessons more interactive, they will be involved in different games, in which they can learn in a fun and interesting way. In addition, all materials (e.g. examples of the lessons, activities and games) will be collected and summarized by volunteers in a Handbook, which will be online and available for public.
  • Joining European Youth Week Campaign – It is planned to join European Youth Week Campaign for promoting Erasmus+ opportunities and European Solidarity Corps.
  • Participation in the organization of “Summer Challenge” – Volunteers will be involved in organising of “Summer Challenge” – training on critical thinking and media/ information literacy.
  • Participation in Balkan Youth Festival – They will participate in Balkan Youth Festival where they will be involved in the preparation, organization and logistics.
  • Involvement in Social Entrepreneurship training – Their involvement in Social Entrepreneurship training will help them to increase the social entrepreneurship skills, as well as to support social inclusion of vulnerable groups. The training was developed within the project “Act Social” funded by INTERREG V-A COOPERATION.


Tasks connected with office work:

–        development and implementation of projects

–        development of Euni Partners Info Pack/Booklet

–        writing blog, articles and newsletters

–        design/managing of their own logo and website

–        managing Euni Partners website

–        working on activities promoting European Union Opportunities – Erasmus+ Programme and its actions, European Solidarity Corps, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs – (creating presentations, leaflets, brochures, videos, infographics)


Practical arrangements:

Volunteers will live in shared apartment in single or double rooms in close distance to the office and centre of the city. Bills for the heating, electricity, water and internet are covered, as well as travelling costs.

Monthly allowance is 225 EUR


Send your CV and Motivation Letter to with the title ESC-Bulgaria

PLEASE NOTE: Applications without titles may stay out of the selection process:

Information about Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria:

Volunteers will be living in Blagoevgrad. It is located in southwestern Bulgaria. The city is the economic and cultural centre of southwestern Bulgaria. It is located in the valley of the Struma River at the foot of the Rila and Pirin Mountains, 101 kilometres (63 miles) south of the capital Sofia, close to Republic of Macedonia border and 1 hour of driving to Greece.

Blagoevgrad features a pedestrian downtown with preserved 19th-century architecture and numerous restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, boutiques and nightclubs. There are also green parks and 2,5 km long alley for strolling, jogging or cycling, which reaches to the lake alongside places for barbecue and green area for sport.

ATTENTION: ALL COSTS ARE COVERED ACCORDING TO ESC RULES, BESIDES THE VISA COST(The project has been applied for a participant from EU and NO VISA COST has been calculated  in the budget)