Healthy YOU-th project took place from 09.09-17.09.19 in Abovyan city. Participants came from Italy, Czech Republic, Morocco, The Netherlands,  Ukraine and Armenia.  The project promoted healthy lifestyle through physical activities and also developed our cultural thinking.

The project became more interesting in the intercultural evening day. This day each country prepared some national foods and drinks for presenting their countries. We showed videos about our countries, we shared our dances, songs and cultural values.

The important day was a shooting movie day. We had various themes connected to sport. In 3 hours we should complete both the shooting and editing tasks. Afterwards, these videos will be shared in order to promote a healthy lifestyle among our communities.

Our activities are the best! We had an activity about Healthy lifestyle; we discussed what is healthy lifestyle for us and after it with groups we prepared some foods and drinks to promote a HEALTHY lifestyle. I think all groups succeeded and we enjoyed the activity.

Here we overcame the difficulty of riding a bicycle! Though the day was cold we had a fantastic riding time!

Healthy lifestyle without bowling? Of course it couldn’t happen. We played bowling in play city and had fun !!

We also visited Tsaghkadzor, played competition games on their main square, played city games, had a zip line and also rope-way time))

The project wouldn’t be completed without “Magical Night”. Participants shared their personal stories with each other and had fun together.

Sportlandia day? What was it?
For Sportlandia day we prepared some games, dances and great mood for Abovyan’s youth. We did our best to make both children and adults day full of happiness and joy.

After this all we had tour in Garni and Geghard, we shared our national sweet “Gata” with others. In Geghard near the church we made wishes by scarfs and also by throwing stones up. We enjoyed each moment of the tour and after this we already completed the project with an evaluation of the whole project.

Thanks to FIOH for making our week full of life and energy. Now we really feel that “FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS”.