12190276_550535411771986_1066301682_oFrom October 7 to 19 there took place a project in Trabzon, Turkey under the theme ‘’Living with Prejudice=not Necessarily’’. The project was organized by FuturEurope & Shokkin’ Group NGO and was financed within Erasmus+ project.  4 countries participated in the project, namely: Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, 8 participants from each country.

In spite of the fact that the project was an educational one it was also full of interesting moments, activities, games and visits.

The aim of the project was to help the participants to brake the prejudices and stereotypes among them and it was done in a very interesting and productive way- the participants were carrying out the seminar themselves.

1st day passed with getting to know each other games and energizers. Then, starting from the 2nd day the participants began to work on the project. They divided the topic of the project into several parts according to the sphere of life, where the prejudices exist. Each country chose several spheres and started to work on it.

Each day belonged to one country and the day was conducted by the country representatives, they were responsible for the schedule. They had to organize the sessions, carry out the seminars, energizers and parties.

The way the project was organized was very productive one, because the participants learned with the help of practice. They were teaching and at the same time learning themselves.

Besides the seminars, the countries also had their intercultural evenings, during which they were representing their country, its traditions, national dances and tasty dishes. It was also an educational one because during the evening other participants learned a lot of interesting things about other countries.

2 days of the project were completely devoted to the pastime. Participants had a city game, during which they had to carry out some tasks and collect scores. The tasks were about Trabzon and helped the participants to know Trabzon and its places of interest. The game took place in the city centre – one of the most beautiful places in Trabzon. The 2nd day was devoted to the historical places of Trabzon, project leaders organized a small historical tour in the city.

All in all, the project was very interesting. According to feedbacks of participants the project was a real success, they really enjoyed it and got a precious knowledge.

 13 days with 27 special people, amazing moments, sharing experiences, feeling like a family, learning from others, dances, foods, cultural nights, barbeque nights, local visits, too many photos and unforgettable memories. That was really great!!!!

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  1. Diana

    Hi.I also want to go with your group…and spent my time with you.

    1. fiohadmin

      Dear Diana,
      Unfortunately this project has already ended. Keep following our projects and don’t hesitate to apply in case of your interest.

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