Dance is a way to find yourself and to lose yourself. Dance is a way to escape from stress and worries. We dance to live and to be free.
”Step Up” project was a way to express yourself, to introduce your culture and history by dance. Armenian and Irish participants shared their national dances and the history of dance with each other,

learned new dances, got knowledge and had fun together. They had an opportunity to mix dances and make a new one: interesting, motivational and intercultural. ″Step Up″ project took place from 8.07.19 to 18.07.19. Participants went to see Saghmosavank and Saint Hovhannes Church. They went to Ashtarak, where they took part in the workshop ″How to make a sujukh″. They tried that tasty sweet and liked it so much. They went to Yerevan City Tour and saw our breathtaking capital. They walked a lot, took photos, sang, danced and had fun! They had traditional lunch too.
Dance is a way to keep your identity. Don’t forget your national dances, as it is a part of your nationality!