It was an amazing experience filled with happy moments and hard work. During my ESC volunteering I was able to combine two of my most favorite things , which are music and travel. Thanks to the program I was able to learn about other cultures and countries as well as so many new folk songs of different countries . We worked with children, elderly and all the people of Strasbourg who wanted to play musical instruments or sing. During the volunteering period we also participated in different youth exchanges. We had exchanges in France, Malta and Bosnia. I also had the possibility to co-animate a training course myself, there were 20 talented participants from different countries and together we learnt how to write song and do music production. In the end of the training course we had 8 very good songs written and produced and performed them in one of the cafes of Strasbourg. I was lucky to also travel and learn French. In the beginning of my ECS I barely spoke a word in French, but in the end I could communicate and even tech music in French, thanks to the French courses provided by the Ballade association and all the work I completed myself as a part of my responsibilities. We also had singing workshops in French, organized by the association, which was very interesting and fun, thank to this workshop now I am also able to sing French songs and I know so many different French musicians and artists, new and old ones. The project also gave me the opportunity to work on my personal project, think about my future studies and choose the higher education institution where I’ll continue my studies and dive deep into music. I am thankful to FIOH and Ballade Association for choosing me for this program . It was one of the best and unforgettable years of my life so far. Because of this program , now I have so many friends from different countries , I’m more open minded and I never limit my abilities to create or study, now I will be more than happy to share my experiences with others.