Hi! I am Davit. One of participants in Romanian YE.I would be glad share with you my success story of this project.

There have been 5 participant countries in the project: Turkey, Armenia, Romania, Estonia and Lithuania. The aim of project was to make participants aware of socially relevant topics, to prevent internet addiction, to identify advantages and disadvantages of internet and learn alternative ways of spending our time productively. It has been done by non-formal education methods such as brainstorming, role-playings, debates, interactive games, sport activities and so on.

You see we have had a great opportunity to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds. This sounds really grandiose because it allowed us to maximize our undiscovered talents, to flounder behaving intrinsically but understand at the same time this is great chance that embodies our dreams. During project I understood that I had had great potential about which I could not even imagine. Then, my English was incredibly improved which will empathically influence in my future plans. Besides, although I was not spending that much time in internet before project it unwittingly thought me that internet is good master but there are more important things than meaninglessly scrolling Facebook page or wasting time in Instagram. I’m so happy returning home with lifetime experience and memories and also I’m glad meeting teenagers like me who profoundly changed my view of life, my understanding of different aspects of life. And, the most important for me, I’ve got unique psycho friendship who built gold time of my life. I am so thanked for this marvelous experience that Romanian YE gave me.