Meet Mariam, who recently took part in an awesome training course in Murzasichle, Poland, from October 10th to October 17th, 2023. She’s a youth worker with lots of experience and found this training super helpful for her job. The course focused on teaching people how to be great trainers themselves. In this story, Mariam shares how the training covered many important topics, involved everyone a lot, and gave practical skills. Mariam’s excited to bring all she learned back to her work and says thanks for the unforgettable experience!

I am Mariam, and I will share my experience in one of the best training courses in Murzasichle, Poland within the period 10.10.2023-17.10.2023. Firstly why the training was outstanding and worthwhile for me because being a trainer for many years it was the training that was so close to my everyday work and profession.
The training was exceptional because it covered a wide range of topics thoroughly, engaged participants actively, and provided valuable insights and practical skills.
All the participants were selected professionally. It means that we learned and changed experiences not only from professional trainers but also from professional participants. During 10 days we also had partnership-building activities, and public speaking skills, represented our workshops, and acted as professional trainers. Now that I am back home I can surely say that the training changed a lot in my life in my professional field and knowledge. And for this experience, unforgettable memories, knowledge and finding new partners  i will say thank you to Future in our hands youth NGO, Euromed EVE Polska for their support, perfect organizational skills and professional team.