TOPIC: The Queer  Youth Space

First stage:

DATES: 22 – 29 February 2024
VENUE: Georgia

Second stage:

DATES: 2 – 9 May 2024
VENUE: Czech Republic

It is very important that you are AVAILABLE FOR BOTH STAGES OF THE PROJECT!


The Queer Youth Space will be a two-stage youth exchange for queer youngsters and allies to come together. Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive space for young people who identify as LGBTQ+ to explore and express their identities, as well as connect with others who share similar experiences. The project will give the opportunity to participants to learn from one another and share their experiences, knowledge and perspectives on queer issues, which can help to break down stereotypes and promote understanding and acceptance of diversity. Next to that, it will also be a great opportunity for allies to learn about queer issues and to gain an understanding of the challenges that queer youth face. This can help to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all young people. The project will also incorporate art activities, as art can be a powerful tool for selfexpression, and can be used as a means for youth to explore and express their identities in a safe and supportive environment. Furthermore, art will also be used as a tool for communication and storytelling, allowing participants to share their experiences and perspectives with others.


  • 18-30 years young
  • NO age limit for groupleaders
  • Open-minded Youth
  • Interested in learning more about gender issues, human rights


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