Embark on the successful journey of “Greenotes” Training in Strasbourg and Sélestat, France, where 20 musicians converged from October 23rd to 28th, 2023. Beyond musical mastery, this initiative focused on environmental awareness, covering topics from carbon footprint reduction to stress management. Nestled in the green oasis of Strasbourg-Montagne verte, participants, committed to sustainability, enjoyed masterclasses at CFMI in Sélestat. The program culminated in a mesmerizing concert, underscoring the synergy of musical brilliance and ecological responsibility. Greenotes Training exemplifies a harmonious blend of artistic growth and environmental consciousness.

Maria Abnoosian

Wow! I don’t even know where to start. Another amazing erasmus plus project and this time exclusively connected with my passion for music. The project took place in France. Every morning we had a short trip from Strasbourg to selestat, to attend the workshops in the conservatory. Workshops were about Bulgarian traditional singing and Latin music which consisted of instrumental and vocal parts. Anyone who knows me, knows the obsession I have towards the non formal approach of education in erasmus plus projects, and this time, this approach was combined with the music workshops. The amazing trainers taught us lessons that could be taught in a whole semester. Trainings were serious but fun at the same time. It was a place with 20-30 passionate artists from different countries sharing the language of music and speaking the truth of art. Most of the communications we had with each other were through music and if you are a musician, you must know, that’s all we want. The professionalism of the trainers combined with their simple approach amazed me. I learned not only about Bulgarian and latin music, but I also learned how to be passionate about teaching without being guided by conventions. The most amazing part of every project will always be meeting the new people and I wont even begin to write about the people I met, because it will turn into pages…
Bosnians, Ukranians, French, Armenians and artists from Spain and Austria… such great friendships and reminders of all the wonderful things I still have to learn about different cultures and countries. The beauty of new friendships with people from different parts of the world is that, they always remind me of the fact that in spite if all the differences our cultures have, all of us are of the same existential reality. And let me give some credit to the country… well, we were in France and I dont think you will need more elaboration on that part☺️
An experience to cherish for life, friendships too keep for life and more music to have in my soul would be the greatest achievements of this project.
I would especially want to thank FIOH for offering me this opportunity and for their constent support in literally every step that needed to be taken for this project to be experienced to its fullest. Cheers!

Narek Harutyunyan

“Tell me, what did you find in France?”
Imagine that Erasmus + gave you the opportunity to participate in the musical Greenotes program, which will be held in France. First of all, I should mention that I participated in one of the Erasmus + programs for the first time. The program not only met my expectations, but also gave me more than I expected. First of all, we achieved our goal – the exchange of experience, we met excellent professionals who were skilled in teaching us. They were not only good professionals, but also great people, that’s why we are still in touch. Thanks to them, I was able to find new teaching methods as well. I made friends that I still keep in touch with today. While learning Bulgarian and Latin songs, we did not understand how music made us friends and helped us understand each other without words. Although I managed to see a part of France, I am fascinated by the beauty of that country. Also, let me say that I celebrated my birthday near the Eiffel Tower, which was one of my dreams. So a big thank you to Erasmus + and FIOH, whose members put a lot of effort into guiding and helping us all the time. They deserve the best rating.


Green notes
10 unforgettable days in France
It was my first Erasmus project . Before I went, I could not have imagined that it would be so interesting and memorable .
Btw this was my first project trip .
I saw a lot of historical places, played with many talanted musicians .
All the time i was surrounded with attention and kind people.
Learnd a lot of folk song , communicate with diffrent countrys people , a lot of workshops, it was big pleasure for me .
And most important thing , I felt very protected , even out of project when we were in Paris our Armenian team Irina cared about us and she was with us until we reached Yerevan .
Thank you Erasmus +
You’re the best !!