• DATES: 6 months
  • VENUE: Portugal, Viseu

Proficiency in basic WordPress coding is a requirement for this project. If you have experience or skills in WordPress development, your contribution will be highly valued.

This project aims to help youth overcome their fears, negative emotions, and uncertainty about the future, to create a bright 
Perspective on the evolution of the current situation, making young people understand that the sun shows more power and brightness after a summer storm, which at first threatens to destroy the achievement of the European family and to change the natural course of everyone’s life. Returning to normal after this avalanche of changes and unexpected events is not an easy one, but together, through activities that unite us around a common ideal, we will be able to create a perspective full of opportunities and positive expectations.

Our project is centered around the idea that our mind is a projection

of the world around us. Therefore, we are not able to see the world as it is, but in the way, my mind designs it to superim pose it on us. Therefore, outlining a perspective that sees the full side of the glass in times of drought is a component that must accompany any person looking for the shortest and safest way to achieve all professional goals and meet personal ambitions.

Participation means recognizing that  the  public sphere belongs to everyone, and whatever local public policies are, have a direct affect on our daily lives. Young people have the task of being agents of their own change, but for that, they need access to structures to decisions. Adamastor intends to be a means for young people can achieve this end, through listening and sharing their needs and interests. With this data, Adamastor can help them build a municipal youth plan where threats can be controlled and opportunities enhanced, making the role of young people active, challenging and generating change.

Foster a true environmentalist spirit and the acquisition of more sustainable behavior among the young. Act as a promoter of significant ecological awareness and a true awareness of the reduction of environmental footprint in the activities carried out under this  project. With  concrete objectives and  attitudes, that  is,  promoting, for example, the use of green and environmentally friendly travel. At the same time, it will promote the integration of sustainable practices in the development of activities, opting for reusable materials and encouraging the practice of recycling. increasing the environmental awareness of young people is to prepare and sensitize them to adopt behaviors environmentally friendly.

Recognizing volunteering as  a  fundamental practice for  the socio-economic development of territories, as well as the social impact it generates within communities, it is necessary to increase the visibility and value of voluntary activities, recognizing the direct connection with the acquisition of fundamental skills for the construction of  life  projects with dignity for  young people. In  this  regard, volunteering must be a practice that must be worked with and for young people, in a training logic, but also in response to needs specific to communities. Disseminating information and encouraging young people to create volunteer projects through the European body of solidarity is one of the goals of Viseu Jovem.

Volunteers’ profile: 

Are you a young person seeking personal growth, positive change, and a brighter future? If so, we are looking for individuals who possess the following qualities and characteristics to join our project:

  • Basic WordPress Coding Skills: Proficiency in basic WordPress coding is a requirement for this project. If you have experience or skills in WordPress development, your contribution will be highly valued.
  • Youth and Young Adults: We invite teenagers and young adults who are eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal development.
  • Open-Minded and Willing to Learn: Are you open to new ideas and perspectives? We’re seeking applicants who are curious and receptive to change, ready to learn how to overcome fears and uncertainties.
  • Motivated and Ambitious: We encourage motivated and ambitious individuals who aspire to achieve their professional goals and personal ambitions to apply.
  • Community-Oriented: If you have a strong sense of community and a desire to make a positive impact in your local area, we want to hear from you. Your participation can help shape your community’s future.
  • Good Communicators: Effective communication is key to the success of our project. We’re looking for applicants who can express themselves clearly, engage in discussions, and share their needs, interests, and ideas with others.
  • Resilient and Adaptable: Life is full of challenges, and we’re seeking applicants who have a level of resilience and adaptability. You should be open to personal growth and ready to overcome negative emotions and uncertainties.


Please fill in the application form: https://bit.ly/46wA8lj
Deadline: ASAP