Host and Coordinating organization:  Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Duration: 6 months
Start: mid April / beggining of May 2022
End:  mid October/ begginig of November 2023
Location: Wola town (43-225), Silesian Region, southern Poland (near Tychy, Pszczyna and Katowice cities)
Placements: in total 1

Foundation of Entrepreneurial Society Development is an organisation that cooperates with local volunteers and support them in all activities that are offered them in the foundation. We want to give them a possibility to achieve new competencies by taking part in projects abroad. The main aim is to help the youngsters to enter the labour market without any difficulties. Apart from that, FRSP offers consulting in terms of acquiring finances for NGOs, self-government and companies.

Proposed activities:

I) Supporting the realized by FRSP projects
1) help in realized by FRSP projects, during the volunteer’s presence:

– technical and logistic help;
– supporting participants during the mobility;
– preparation and implementation some of the workshop sessions;
– preparation project documentation;
– help in promotion;
– help in recruitment processes

2) Office work

– help in document archiving;
– operation of scanner, photocopier and printer equipment in office;
– help in documents preperation according to project requirements;
– management of the Blog and social media, writing articles;
– editing photos and videos according to project requirements;
– research and databases creation / updates

3) PR and promotion activities

– promoting available positions at our Volunteering projects or Youth Eaxhanges by available methods and channels;
– preparing databases;
– contacting partner organisations and interested in projects candidates;
– using a platforms of Erasmus+ and ESC Programms to promote project opportunities;
– using social media to promote project opportunities;
– prepare videos and update to our Tik Tok Account and Instagram account

4. Possibility to learn how to write a project application and apply for a grant.
II) Promotion, development and dissemination entrepreneurial attitudes:
1) Sharing knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship:

Presenting career possibilities in Europe, running workshops concerning entering the labour market in local partner institutions, for example:
– preparation for the job interview – simulation of the interview / sample questions
– conducting CV writing workshops – promoting the CV version in Europass
– conducting motivational letters writing workshops
– conducting Visualize your future activities
– conducting body language workshops during the interview trainings
– conducting workshops on self-presentation and public speeches
– conducting negotiation and argumentation workshops
– conducting  workshops on effective communication
e.t.c.. – depand on volunteer’s skills

2) Dissemination and promotion volunteering

– meetings with school youth,students and alumni as a way of acquiring work experience and improve their employability
– providing workshops, presentations, lectures and social campaigns;
– organizing special actions together with other volunteers connected with promotion volunteering and European values (special videos for Europe Day,presentations about volunteering in frame of ESC Programme etc.)

3) teaching English and your native language local inhabistants;
4) organizing own mini projects to entertain local inhabistants

(cultural presentations; cooking workshops, other kind ofr workshops depandind on volunteer’s skills)

III) Promotion of European Union and European Solidarity Corps  Programmes:

1) Organisation of meetings with local youth where will be presented goals and principles of ESC Programme and encouraging youth to take part in projects realised by the ESC and Erasmus+ Programme, in particular in volunteering projects;

2) Promotion of the ESC and Erasmus+ Programme among the non-governmental organizations form the region,which are interested in hosting volunteers from abroad or in taking part in other propositions supported by the EU;

3) Promotion of common activities and programmes, supported by EU others than Erasmus+ and ESC Programmes;

4) Present your country and your project in schools, promotional campaigns and at festivals in the region or on special cultural evenings;

5) Organize your own special event according to the original idea

IV) Supporting activities at our local partners

– cultural institutions;
– social servicies;
– local schools;
– local NGOs.

This support will be connected with the current needs of specific institutions. It can be:

– activities with kids or edlerly people;
– supporting organizing an events;
– technical and logistic help;
– office work;

* Each volunteer can be involved in all mentioned above activities or only in some of them, depanding on necessity and need of host organisation
** In case when face to face meetings are impossible to organize beacuse of COVID-19, implementation of those activities and tasks in an online way or in a video version.

We can offer:

– learning methods of work in non-governmental organisation;
– experience and interesting contacts;
– experience in organizing presentations, public speeches;
– learning and using innovative and creative methods in working with children and young people;
– acquire the ability to work in team, to carry out different activities in different environments, to communicate with different groups of people from different backgrounds and social groups;
– possibility of developing own ideas for the workshops and their independent implementation;
– knowledge of Silesia in the context of culture and customs, as well as knowledge about cultural differences and the ability to deal with them in everyday life;
– active and constructive participation in the social life of our local community;
– project management skills and time management;
– gain knowledge and skills in office work, even simple elements that will certainly be useful in the future (such as operating a multifunctional device, scanning documents, filing documents)
– get ideas for own future and review your current self-development plan;

Practical arrangements

  • travel expenses – 360,00 EUR or 275,00 EUR (depends on a travel distance)
  • accommodation – The volunteers will be accommodated in a shared flat in Wola town. Each of the volunteers has his/her own room. The flat consists of 3 rooms, kitchen, and bathroom. It is fully equipped;
  • food – 100,00 EUR / month;
  • pocket money – 120 EUR / month;
  • insurance;
  • Polish language course;
  • help of local mentor and project’s coordinators.


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