Hi or how the Portuguese people say “Ola”. My name is Mane and I’m 19. And as you can

guess I am going to tell you about my short-term EVS in an organization called Adamastor in Viseu, Portugal. If you are reading this it may mean that you have already done or are going to do an EVS/ESC, so one advice for those who are still thinking of doing or not doing it – just GO FOR IT!!!

It was the best and most memorable summer in my life. Even though it was just 2 months, I really fell in love with Portugal, locals, team members and with the environment itself. I gained more practical knowledge than I could ever get from school or university, I made friend from all over the world from East Timor to Italy, from North Macedonia to Spain, I went out of my comfort zone, became more independent, reevaluated everything and became super motivated and energized.

The first two days may seem to be very difficult because of a lot of flights, nervousness, fear of missing the flight or of strange environment, culture, language, people…But, after even one day you really feel like at home. You start to overcome the cultural shock (if it occurs), discover the country and its traditions and adapt.

During that two months I was mainly organizing non-formal trainings, workshops, entertaining programs, escape room games, environmental days. We had opportunity to draw and play games with people with disabilities, a lot of children and it was amazing. I developed my language, communication and digital skills. And most importantly my cooking skills 😀

I also traveled a lot, which is one of the great opportunities that EVS gives. I traveled inside Portugal exploring the natural beauty of the country and in Spain. I had chance to visit Sagrada Família, which was on my bucket list. And I have been in Cabo da Roca (the westernmost point of continental Europe) which was fascinating.

I can talk about this adventurous two months day and night, as traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

I hope I somehow motivated and inspired you to apply for an EVS/ESC and make your own story.

You can start your Erasmus journey with FIOH as I do know that you will be in the most caring hands, as they helped me in every moment, they were with me before, during and after the project, they even collected all the necessary documents for the embassy ♥

Once Erasmus, always Erasmus

Once FIOH, always FIOH