We got an additional placement for the TC which will be held in Romania from 17.10-01.11.2019

The project’s main activity is a mobility of youth workers from Partner countries, a training course to be held in Slanic Moldova, Romania, between 17th of October (arrival day) and 1st of November 2019 (departure day), with the participation of 40 youth workers from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Portugal (from the continent and from Azores), Romania, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.

During the training course we will organize: teambuilding sessions, training sessions, debates, simulations, exercises, an intercultural visit, creative workshops, practice laboratories, a World Café with young people and decision makers from Bacau county, planning sessions, sharing and networking sessions, reflection and evaluation sessions, but also a best sharing event where structured dialogue projects funded by Erasmus+ Programme and implemented by different Romanian organizations will be presented.

Before the mobility, the youth workers will analyse the local, national and European policies addressing the young people with fewer opportunities and they will organize a consultation in their local community to identify the young people with fewer opportunities challenges. After the mobility, they will organize different follow up and dissemination activities aimed to reach the decision making process.

The project’s main beneficiaries are 40 youth workers from 19 countries, representing 20 nongovernmental organizations. The entire project was planned for those youth workers with experience in the social inclusion field, who are interested to get involved in developing youth policies and strategies, to learn how to develop Structured Dialogue projects under Erasmus+ and to involve the young people with fewer opportunities in these projects. During the project, the youth workers will develop specific skills in democracy field, they will learn methods to engage the young people into the civic society and to involve the decision makers in youth projects, but also how to plan a structured dialogue project or how to phrase youth strategies and policies.

Application Deadline: ASAP

How to Apply send your CV and short Motivation to fiohapplications@gmail.com with 1 photo from  your everyday life, preferable working environment.

IMPORTANT: The applicant should have a valid shenghen visa.