There is moment in your life when you are getting bored of everything around you and you are seeking for the chance to change your life, to move to new place, to meet new people, to get new experience and finally to see the world. In such a moment in my live I decided to apply for EVS. And this decision changed my life totally. In April of 2018 I applied for the EVS in Poland and after one month I started my project in one of wonderful kindergartens in Wroclaw. It was one year of an amazing experience. I had a lot of good and bad moments but fortunately I had pleople around me from my kindergarten, coordinating and sending organisations and from my new friends who always stand by me and helped me to go through any obstacle on my way. In my project I was volunteering in kindergarten and I was making English, origami and dance classes for children, also I was participating in the training and in workshops organised by my coordinating organisations. In the project we were 32 volunteers from different countries, I had chance to learn a lot of new things about their cultures and it made me very open minded and tolerant to other nations and cultures. I was shearing my flat with 3 Turkish volunteers and in the beginning I was very stressed about it but after some months we became very close friends and realised that we have a lot of common things in our cultures and as my coordinator said it was one of the achievements of their project that we could break our boundaries. I had a chance to attend to Polish classes but most of all I was learning the language with teachers and children in kindergarten. Throughout whole my project there was one amazing person next to me-my mentor Anna. She was there whenever I had any problems, whenever I needed to talk to someone. I was very lucky to have mentor like her. And finally I met one of the most important person in my life now- my boyfriend with whom after project we decided to stay in Poland and to start our life here. And currently I am living in another beautiful city in Poland in
Krakow, I have found very good job and I started another amazing experience. I am very thankful to my project and every person who helped me to appear here because it was the best thing ever happens to me which changed me and my life to the best.