17342500_1298950420171096_7507969648281031457_nFrom 06-12 of March 5 of our youth workers participated in a training course which took place in Almagro, Spain under the theme “Selective prevention, a program of opportunities”.
The project hosted participants from 5 entities from 4 different countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, and Armenia) in order to give them deeper knowledge about the method of selective prevention. All the participants were workers or volunteers related to young people with fewer opportunities. The project was based on the principles of non-formal methods of education: individual and group work, power point and video presentations, group discussions, simulation activities, etc.
During the TC the participants had different sessions on selective prevention both theoretical and practical. The skillful trainer who worked in the Pokhara Association was sharing her knowledge, skills and experiences with the participants and then they were trying to put the knowledge into practice with various activities.
Besides, during the TC the participants had 2 study visits, during which they visited the workplaces of Pokhara Association and saw how they were working with children and youngsters with fewer opportunities. First they had a nice sport games competition in the one of the parks of the city with all the children involved in selective prevention program of Pokhara Association, then they moved to the office to see the other workers in work.
To conclude the project was a success. It was both educational and fun having and the participants didn’t even get bored for a minute. Everybody is very satisfied and ready to share his or her knowledge with you. It also helped to promote International cooperation among new partners, to gain experience in direct cooperation with workers from different cultures.
project was funded by Erasmus+ program.

It was hosted by Pokhara Association, Spain. Armenian partner organization: Future in Our Hands Youth NGO.

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