IMG_5098A youth exchange under the name Explore Active Citizenship in Youth took place from 2-8 September in Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic. Representatives from 7 countries took part in an exchange namely Georgia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Armenia, Italy and Czech Republic. Our country was represented by 7 volunteers from Future in Our Hands NGO.

During the project the participants spent 6 unforgettable days in a small but a very beautiful town Ceska Lipa and had lots of fun and adventures.

One of the main aims of the exchange was to raise awareness of the Active Citizenship approach among the participants of the Youth Exchange and it was done in a very creative and interesting way in order to make all the participants involved in the activities.

Hosting organization carried out a range of interesting activities relevant to the topic of the exchange. One of the activities gave the participants an opportunity to experience the life of the refugee, during the other activity the participants’ task was to make an improvement plan of the city together with local students and so on. All in all, all the sessions and activities helped to awake active citizenship in youth.
Besides the sessions the participants also visited to Art Glass Museum and had a chance to explore the work of experienced glass workers.

Moreover, each of the countries prepared 2 intercultural evening one for the music in their country and the other for the inventions for the benefits of community.

To conclude the project was a success because the project paid also much attention to awareness of multiculturality between involved youngsters. It also helped to promote International cooperation among new partners, to gain experience in direct cooperation with workers from different cultures.

The project was funded by Erasmus+ program. It was hosted by Farni Charita, Ceska Lipa.
Armenian partner organisation: Future in Our Hands Youth NGO