The Sun of the 4th of February hadn’t even risen when we were in the air flying to Spain. By saying “we” I mean the new-born family of 6 members that had hardly managed to get acquainted but behaved as if being life-long friends. However, it didn’t take too much time make friendship because we had Tigi with us, who ensured our security and well-being with her accompany.

I used to know that Spain is a sunny country. Imagine my disappointment when I saw it raining when the plane descended. We were in the airport a bit confused in the airport, when Maria, a bright and sunny person, hadn’t approached and hugged me. At that moment I realized that sun is in Spaniards not depending the weather conditions. Then we were more confident to get in touch with the participants of other countries and after we had had a dinner in Almagro, we made close friends.

Our schedule was really sophisticated. We began our day with early breakfast at 8:30, then passed into the interactive and enthusiastic discussions over the topic of the training course. The seminars were followed by a coffee break, after which we set off to magical towns in Castilla La Mancha and visited the Youth centers where we met amazing people. Joyful Spanish adolescents really made our day by their smiles and Kind attitude. It was one of the best experiences of my life to get in touch with them and live an hour by their lives. While communicating with them I developed new personal outlooks in me towards everything.
I can’t forget the dinners we had in authentic Spanish environment and whatever we tried from their cuisine was mouthwatering.

After being really exhausted we didn’t have any intentions of sleeping at night and gathered in the living room chatting and enjoying every single moment of our journey.

May be no words can be found for expressing our gratitude to the organizers for such a cultural experience and personal development, because we lived moments that will live with us forever.