Hi. My name is Syuzanna and I am one of the participants of the project “Road to the Change” organized by “Future in Our Hands” NGO. It was an amazing project which lasted 10 days in Abovyan and gathered together youth from various countries, such as Croatia, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Bulgaria and Armenia. With the participants we had the opportunity to have different kinds of activities, discuss various topics and exchange our thoughts.
During the first days of the project we had various ice-breakers which helped us to get to know each other. Apart from that we also had a City game, the idea of which was to exchange a pen with a more valuable item and at the same time present information about Erasmus+ and share opportunities for youth. At the end of the day each group presented the results of the game, shared their feelings and some stories with the locals. During the project we also addressed some problems in our societies and made a video about them.
The evenings were dedicated to Intercultural nights which helped us to learn a lot about each others’ customs, dances, songs and much more.
The project gave me the opportunity to know much more about new cultures, helped me to build new connections, and get acquainted with amazing people, whom maybe I would never know and met without the project.
I am very grateful to FIOH for this incredible opportunity to have this unforgettable experience with our amazing team.
Below you can find some pictures, which will take you to the program in October. Just feel the vibe.