European values are too important and one can feel oneself a part of it when he/she is surrounded by those people who fully share them.

Our project provided the aforementioned atmosphere and place housing 5 participants from 10 countries who shared their own experience and knowledge revaluing their worldview.

The project was very well organized. Due to the methods of non-formal education — the ice-breaking and team building activities which were set up during the very first days of the project made us a real team as a family.

It was really challenging to be the very first country to represent its culture, cuisine and traditions during the intercultural night. We decided not to be that primitive and included a little performance in it. We think it succeeded, as the participants reacted positively and were very enthusiastic about all that stuff.

During the project we’ve thoroughly studied the EU’s infrastructure and history. We have discussed its issues from the frame of our countries as well. We have also talked through some tools which were to help us recognize fake news.
The project also helped us to develop our filmmaking and communication skills. It gave us an opportunity to build a solidarity and create an intercultural network.

The activities and ideas of the project were so innovative and outstanding that they have been used in our lives and careers since our arrival.

We have returned from the project as an extra motivated, more adventurous youth full of excitement and innovative suggestions.

Special thanks to the NGO of Future in our hands and ADA for this great opportunity and experience.