Bună dimineaţa 🙂 I am Margarita from the land of Sun ARMENIA !

Participating in the competition, I got a fantastic award from the best youth NGO ”FUTURE IN OUR HANDS”, which was an opportunity to take part in the youth exchange in Romania.My project was about advantages and disadvantages of using internet that is why it was called “TIME 2B OFFLINE”

It was my first and unforgettable Erasmus+ experience .During those 10 days we didn’t have phones and internet. We only had 30 minutes to use them. I thought it would be impossible without internet, but after 10 days, I understood that life without  internet is more real, natural, harmonic and full of love.

Youth exchange’s participant countries where Romania, Turkey, Lithuania and Estonia. They were clever, kind and friendly people that is why the atmosphere was wonderful, positive
and pleasant.

I had an amazing opportunity to travel and discover other cultures, to see a new country, to gain a lot of knowledge in the topics discussed during the project, to meet new people from other nations and to have fun.
The exchange program was highly informative and full of interesting daily activities, productive and excellent organized.

Thanks to all the organizers.


Margarita Manasyan