“Be the change” program took place from 19.08-27.08.19 in Abovyan city.  The main idea of the project was rising social problems through youngsters and bring their solutions. During program we studied video shooting, we had a chance to shoot movies and present them in Abovyan city. City games where the part of project which helped us to be more active and included into the project.

Special day? Of course the intercultural evening day. The Netherlands, Montenegro, Italy, Cyprus, Croatia and Armenia; imagine the cultural differences, national foods and drinks, dances and songs. After intercultural evening you feel completed and overall included in this cultures. For me this is a good chance both to develop myself, to present my country and to get a lot from other nations.

Project without rope-way? We went to Tsaghkadzor, visited Saint Harutyun church and then had a chance to sit a rope-way. We explored the city and completed our movies there.

The last days we stayed in Yerevan, we went to Garni and Geghard , we also visited Parajanov’s museum and after that we had a tour in Xor Virap.

What about participants? Did they like the project?

The best highlights for participants were shooting days, meeting new people, various visits to Armenian churches and places, discussions, the connection with participants and the quality time and program. We learnt new traditions and customs of other nations, we learnt to be always open and comprehensive with everyone, to have moral obligation to make everyone happy. It’s important to know how is working team, your role in team, and understanding and evaluating social problems in our society.

Challenges that we overcame!

We overcame the fear of language and approach, staying in a foreign country, the fear of socializing, feel free to feel free.

5 words that describe program best!

Innovative, Sincere, Wonderful, Amazing and Unforgettable.

What did you like most in Armenia?

The traditions, view of the Ararat Mountain and every church we visited, the nature and the peaceful transitional places.

At the end I want to say that after the program we really feel that WE ARE THE CHANGERS AND EVERYTHING STARTS FROM US.