Who can imagine life without friends and relatives for one year? Sounds impossible right? Should someone try to be far from everything and everyone and start the life from ZERO?
Let’s imagine you wake up and don’t remember who you are, would you continue the life you run? Mostly no… Cause we live this because some years or months ago we thought our life would me like this without thinking: maybe its not what I want exactly! So we should hear our heart at the moment and make clear for us what we want NOW.

So for once I just made up to do a crazy thing and live in another country for a long time. I chose a country that was not so famous for me, and I had had known just a few things about it, or just the name :). I Found the volunteering project, applied for it, was selected and gathered my luggage to leave Armenia.

Nothing was how I wanted, everything was just amazing. I didn’t expect that even the first day would not be shocking for me. I landed and thought… WHAT HEAVEN. Having 18 Autumns in my life, I never had so wonderful and colorful period in my life. I never new that I would learn capitals faster that at school. I managed to see more than 12 countries in a short time and still it was not enough. I was thirsty of travelling. During my Volunteering in Vilnius, learnt and changed many things inside me. I changed the attitude to people and kids, to nature, to the world. More than ever I saw my personality’s importance for the BIG CHANGE. If only I could go back, maybe I would never lose even one day staying at home.

I dreamed of it and made it come true. We just have to understand that everything is in our hands, we need just to open our eyes and see it.