You may have read plenty of success stories for so many times in your life, you may have wanted to catch the success recipe, but here’s what I’m gonna tell you.

There is no recipe, for one very simple reason: we are different, and that’s what is making us and our stories unique. Have you ever done something you have never even thought that you can do some day?
Me? Yeah I did. The kid who was so emotionally attached to her parents, the same kid who’s cooking menu included omlette and omlette but this time not that much burnt , the same kid who have never left her country boarders, can impulsively decide and go after uncertain adventures alone and live in another country for a year? I would laugh if you would tell me this story a year ago. But guess what, this is my reality now and the kid who’s about to tell you her sucess story officially asumes to be a real soup-maker ( just kidding , omelette is easier).

Well , you asking me what EVS gave me ? Can you imagine describing a story when mountains have moved and new planetes were discovered , feels hard right? That is how I am feeling to describe the whole emotional rollercoaster that I have experienced. I was implemented right into the culture about what I have been reading , listening and talking for such a long time. The cultural shock is a big thing but I guarantee, it is worth to feel at least once in a lifetime.

I traveled with friends , with strangers , alone, when having corona (survivor tag), I’ve been in more than 5 countries , I have seen Mediterranean Ocean from 3 countries during a month. Definitely , I saw so many breathtaking views but most importantly I saw breathtaking people who you can meet once and only if you are fortunate enough.They taught me that no matter how far you are you can feel at home when you are soul warmed by the right people. They taught me to prioritize friendship, partnership, commitment and feelings. There were also people who showed me the way I don’t ever want to be , they showed me exactly where I need to stop , they reminded me about my own limits. They visually demonstrated how ugly can some characters get and I’m extremely grateful to them , because they unknowingly contributed to my personal growth .
During this time I learnt to live. Take all the meanings of this phrase and think once again to find the new ones. During my voluntary project in Strasbourg, France I’ve seen people crying when listening to us singing in their language. They were the people who introduced me the meaning of the word- homesick . I saw Armenians covering their tears listening to “Bingyol” melodies and remembering their roots and identity. I also saw foreigners who were enchanted by our music even though they have never heard about a country called Armenia. I have seen old women in the nursing homes and I can never forget the image of them trying to convince me with tears that they were singing in choirs when they were young ladies…

I have seen so many things that I can’t and don’t want to tell… They are the memories that are and will always be in the bottom of my heart and will give me the desire to live when I will feel down . I’m keeping that memories as medicine to heal me from life’s unpleasant routines , I’m keeping them also as a flashlight to illuminate my darkest days.

Words don’t have the power to reveal the strenght of my gratitude towards every single soul who prayed for me, who helped and encouraged me , who empowered me during my journey, who cared about my soul. I am tremendously thankful to my sending organisation (FIOH) and my host organisation (Ballade) who didn’t even stop a minute thinking about my well-being. Their contribution is monumental and inhuman.
I have heard so many words of wisdom , but this one said by my association president and my tutor will always be stuck in my mind , it goes like this: “ In life you can’t stay in the exact same place that
you are, even if you are in a good place and you want to stay. You always have to move. And it’s your choice – either you go forward , or you go backwards” .
Choose to go forward…