2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but FIOH made it quite remarkable to me. As much as the pandemia tried to ruin our project, it was still a wonderful and life-changing experience.
This project made me stronger than I expected.
Interestingly, during my long-term ESC, there was one short-term environmental program where
I was a mentor.
Unfortunately, due to the pandemia, we had to accomplish the program and send the participants back.
For the same reason, my ESC project was postponed for approximately four months.
Of course, there were lots of challenges, but thanks to our coordinators who helped us to have an amazing quarantine.
Many thanks to our coordinators who helped us to have an amazing quarantine, despite many challenges.
Our house became an office, thanks to which we created our own Erasmus + project which was a great experience.
When all participants finally arrived, I started my dream job at the EuroDesk contact point.
Working at EuroDesk was great for career development. Working there, I’ve learned how to become more creative, having fun while keeping everything professional.
Outside of the office, we have organized many unforgettable trips, personal projects, which were extremely important to me.
All of this wouldn’t have happened without FIOH.
Trust your “future in their hands” and your future self will be grateful.