Seasonal Work in Cyprus – Mostly Hospitality Positions
Join our team for an unforgettable summer in Cyprus!
We’re offering exciting job opportunities,mainly hospitality industry(waiters, cooks, spa, housekeepers, gardeners, bartenders, receptionists, healthcare starting in July and lasting for 2-3 months. Experience the Mediterranean lifestyle while gaining valuable work experience.

Available Positions:
-Front Desk Receptionist
-Housekeeping Staff
-Waitstaff -Bartenders
-Kitchen Assistants
-Lifeguards Benefits

Travel Reimbursement:
We cover your travel expenses to and from Cyprus(beforehand).
Meals: Enjoy three meals a day, provided by the hotel.
Accommodation: Comfortable living arrangements included.
Salary: Earn between €700 and €1000 after tax, depending on the hotel.
Application Requirements: CV: Detailed resume outlining your relevant experience.
Motivation Video: A short video explaining your experience and why you’re suited for the job.

Visa Support: We assist with your visa process, although embassy fees are not included.
How to Apply: Fill out the application form-

Embark on a new adventure, meet new people, and enjoy the beautiful island of Cyprus!
Make sure to share this opportunity with your friends and family who might be interested. For any queries, feel free to contact us . Apply today and secure your spot for a fantastic summer experience!