Communication can directly affect the impact an organization produces in the community. In the last decade, social media has become a necessary tool through which organizations
can bidirectionally communicate to its audiences, can develop virtual activities, and can take the pulse of the community without the intervention of the gatekeepers present in the traditional media. There is a growing interest in social media from NGOs, however, we noticed deficiencies at the level of the communications strategy, at the level of the division of tasks and responsibility, issues that often cause low outreach, members who communicate online without clear planning can reach burnout, and, ultimately, it decreases the potential to reach more young people in the community and gain support from different relevant actors. The idea of this training appeared after a system audit organized by the Romanian National Agency, in which we were recommended to develop a written communication and dissemination strategy to improve the organizational capacity to reach our target groups more efficiently. Thus, we have decided to develop this project, to help youth organizations to develop strategic communication skills and equip them with new tools to enrich their outreach in the community.


1. To develop the communication management skills of 30 youth workers from 10 different organizations and their ability to develop and implement a communication and dissemination strategy.
2. To equip youth workers with the tools, methods, and competences to efficiently develop and use online communication materials.
3. To increase the online visibility of youth organizations.
4. To develop among youth workers digital skills for internal and external communication, including fundraising abilities.


Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Malta, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Spain, Turkey


The project’s main activity is a mobility of youth workers (a training course) planned to take place in Slănic Moldova, Bacau County, Romania, between 23rd of February 2023 and 8th of March 2023 with the participation of 30 youth workers (3 pax/country) from Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Malta, Moldova, Romania, Spain and Turkey. The direct beneficiaries of the project are the 30 youth workers from the 10 partner organizations that deal with communication / want to develop specific skills in the field of communication and public relations online, which have decision-making power in organizations (to develop framework documents such as the Communication Strategy) or handling fundraising and networking activities. The project is a professional development context for youth workers, equipping them with the needed skills to develop an online communication strategy, but they will also develop
skills that will help them elaborate materials for online communication, fundraising, internal relations, volunteer recruitment and social education. Learning activities during the training course will consist of: team building meetings, workshops, sharing and networking sessions, interactive presentations, guided discussions, teamwork, research, representation of communication concepts, analysis of target groups, analysis of the organization’s communication needs, planning campaigns, the creation of audio-video materials, assessment and reflection on the learning process, practical workshops to develop a communication strategy, and sessions in which participants will develop an Online Communication Guide for Youth Organizations. After the mobility, the participants will contribute with the skills and knowledge they developed during the mobility in the process of DEVELOPING THE COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES of their organizations. They will create a communication guide for organizations (started during mobility) and will organize KNOW-HOW TRANSFER AND DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES, both at the organizations level and with their local communities / networks of which they are part of.