Art, beauty, love… this is what you think first when you hear about France. Couldn’t even imagine how good would it feel when you also add nature music and culture in it.
It was the perfect combination for artists.
A place where you want to become a part of the nature which you see on every corner. Inspiration and freedom is in the air, music instruments in your hands and your new favorite song in your ears. We were impatient, started from visa receiving process ending by the beginning of the project. We had some tasks to do before going. As we didn’t know each other’s musical preferences well, it was a bit hard to come to one conclusion but we were really happy to be in one group and tried to embrace every moment of the trip. We started our journey with great mood. We were talking and joking all the time. The music was turned on during the whole road and we gradually got to know each other’s world of art. On the way of camping we met some of the participants of the project. Then the organizers accompanied us to the camping. It was already nice to get acquainted with people of another origin and we felt that the coming days would have some interesting and enjoyable moments. During the program we became one musical family . We started by teaching songs to each other. Every group taught 2 of their traditional songs to everyone, and when we learned the songs, we started to mix them (for example, our “Ov sirun, sirun” with the ukrainian one) and also suggest our version of playing them. We got very nice results, and our concerts were incredible. It was very enjoyable to play and create music with musicians from other countries. Now, when we are in Armenia, we sing and play the songs we learned during the project and miss playing with our international friends very much. We also went hiking very often to explore the incredible nature of Gresse-en-Vercors. Also we had classes of Armenian dances surrounded by alluring view of Alpes.
Gresse-en-vercors is a small village with inhabitants who know each other very well. We had some discussions, presented our country, our NGO, one committed artist from Armenia (Komitas), learned the difference between committed and social artists, and had a really great time in the Alps with really incredible people.